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tv   News  ABC  July 28, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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at woodbine. we have downtown construction west pratt between green and light. charley. we are hearing this morning from a family who says they don't believe what police are telling them. it centers around the death of a young man killed when he was hit by a car last month in baltimore county. abc2 linda so is live in towson to explain. linda. >> reporter: well, police here at baltimore county headquarters tell us that is closed case. no charges will be filed. but the family hired an attorney to dig for more answers. 24-year-old james stallings was on his way home on his motorcycle last month when he stopped and pulled off on the shoulder along route 40 near ebenezer road when police say a car driven by a 19-year-old moved into the left lane and hit him. police call it a case of ped error saying -- pedestrian error saying stallings was in the travel lane and they don't plan to file charges. but family members say they don't believe whoa have walked into the lane. they -- he would have walked into the lane. they say he was all about safety and they want justice for him. >> i can't live this life angry
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because anger is like cancer. it will eat me up and kill me. >> reporter: county police do have two videos from surveillance cameras in the area but they don't show the crash and when it happened. police say alcohol was not a factor in the crash. stallings had just graduated from morgan state university and had dreams to become an accountant. live at police headquarters, linda so, abc2 news. baltimore county police need help to find a man they believed robbed a bank ina grower -- inside a grocery store. this guy robbed a pnc bank inside a giant food store on loch raven on july 19th. the suspect handed the note to the teller and demanded money and indicated he had a weapon. anyone with information is asked to call police. things got out of hand when police tried to break up a block party outside a moving screening. the film screening on wednesday was invitation only but hundreds gathered outside along
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the boulevard for a dj's block party. dj didn't have a permit and they ordered the crowd to disburse but many began to fight and throw bottles. the fbi is searching for a 11-year-old girl missing a mile from the canadian border. she was seen work at a computer around 9 monday night. she was gone the next morning and police say there's no indication that she ran away or that someone took her from the home. they say there are no signs of a struggle and police say they are check the computer where any information that could help them find the girl. the husband whose wife killed herself and seven other people in a wrong way crash near long island in 2009 is suing the state of new york. toxicology reports said that diane schuller was drunk and high when she crashed into an oncoming suv. her husband daniel says it was the state's fault for having poor highway upkeep and bad signage. >> it will take a little time, but i look forward to getting back out into the wilderness. maybe not in alaska or bear
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country. >> all smiles around as the happy family welcomes home the teens who survived a grizzly bar attack. simon arrived on wednesday. he was in alaska at a wilderness training school. he is not seriously hurt but several of his friends were. the teens were credited for use the emergency skills to help save each other. remember the moment when happy days stopped being cool? we know it. it was when fonzi jumped the shark in the leather jacket. >> one man takes the phrase literally and it's all caught on tape for you to see. and we will look at severe weather causing flash flooding in parts of the southern u.s. you are watching "good morning maryland." we will be right back. [ male announcer ] southwest is having a nationwide sale,
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now "good morning maryland." a flash flood cause headaches for people in south carolina. look at this video. the people on the beach woke up to fine the streets turned into rivers -- find the streets turned into rivers. power was out for most of the
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day yesterday and businesses had to close as they tried to clean up the mess. people said the flooding in the home was made worse by drivers going through the flooded streets. >> the watt -- inaudible ] >> they were flying by. we tried to block off the streets and they keep coming by and knocking wakes into everybody's property. >> a councilman says the drainage system is not helping with the flooding problem and says they are working to clear the streets as well as the water. we will send it over to justin. no water here. >> not yet. we are looking at our temperatures, 69 currently in baltimore. 70 at easton. we have been tracking ran across the great lakes that is trying to dive south in our direction. you can see that in the satellite radar composit and it's building in our area. we expect to have that basically moving in as we go in towards the afternoon hours and scattered shower or thunderstorm possible. basically we go with more clouds today and as a result, that will actually hold our
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temperatures back a little lower than we thought. 92 the low end of the two degree guarantee a warm day still a noticeable inscenes in the humidity. and scattered showers and storms scattered not a guarantee. we will bring on more heat for tomorrow and have that weekend outlook next right now let's have your outlook on the roadwith tanya. >> reporter: pretty well. we are starting a little bit of volume but no major incidents to report. let's look out there and see how things are moving along. this is the southwest side 95 just north of 195 southbound traffic is heavier right now. no incidents reported on 195 heading out to bwi. drive times are doing fine. 83 southbound from shawan to the beltway, 5 minutes, 95 southbound 6 minutes and 659 on the outer loop to 795 to 70, 7 minutes and 6 34eu7b9s from bell -- minutes from bel air to providence. the cleanup stages right now roadwork continues west pratt street between green and lightcharley. >> check this out.
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eric jacobs home video looks like a person's nightmare. shaky and hard to follow with the biggest fish under the boat e waits for the perfect moment and leaps. that's he's jumped on the shark. it's a basking shark and only eats plankton a small fish but it's a shark. he went 15 feet holding on before he realized he was too far from the boa. no comment from the shark this morning -- boat. no comment from the shark this morning. he said call his agent. go to and we have boasted the -- posted the video in case you couldn't believe it the first time you saw it. the good news no one was in the glimp when -- blipp when -- blimp when it crashed but how do you get it out of the tree. lockheed martin and the u.s. army launched it in akron ohio and it ended up in the woods 9 0 miles outside pittsburgh. so they will have their hands full today. ravens fans, time to get your purple and get ready.
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>> coming, the first chance to see the coach ants team practice in the -- and the team program in the short nd preseason.
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from police and your area around route 543 don't be surprised. maryland state police are use the phone to get -- use the phone to get information on -- using the phone to get information on a crash. >> reporter: it's fast efficient and gets the word out to a lot of people. they are use robo calls to gather witness information. they are trying to figure out if anyone in the bel air area saw the fatal crash. eye happened last thursday a little after 10 in the morning on route 543 near the fountain green swim club. it was head on crash. it involved a gray 2002 chrysler and 2010 white lexus. one woman was pronounced dead on the scene and three other people were hurt and rushed to the hospital. the damage from the head on collision was so bad that police are having a tough time figuring out exactly what happened. maryland state police are using automated row bow calls to find -- robo calls to find those who saw the crash to observe the behavior before the crash or who may have video near the area. neighbors tell abc2 news this
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is a dangerous stretch of road and encourage drivers to slow down and pay attention. >> the stretch that has a curve is dangerous. >> drive safely and get to the destination safely. >> reporter: now once again, state police want to reiterate they need those who witnessed the crash not those who arrived at the scene after it happened. if you have information, call 410-879-2101. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. shooting in norway shocked people around the world. 68 others were killed on an island when a man dressed as policeman opened fire. parents waited for the news of their kids that they were okay. but a mother texted her daughter making sure that daughter remained alive. >> i didn't know what to do other than to text her. that was the only way i could help her and it was the only way to see -- understand show
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was alive. so, i was lucky because it's comfort with my daughter all the time. >> and anders breivik admitted to carrying out both attacks. first responders and others say after working at ground zero they voice aircraft and disappointment at a town hall meeting about the 2.8 billion dollar fund for them. officials announced on tuesday that those with chancellor continue to be exclude from federal help -- excluded from federal help. the help is for those working at wreckage after the attacks a few dozen gathered wednesday night. if you want a first glimpse at construction underway at inner harbor of the world trade center memorial in our community, today is the chance. in a few hours, the construction company will remove part of the fencing panels that block the view from the public. so they will remove the panels at the world trade center plaza at 8:30 this morning for a few
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hours. baltimore county executive ken kamenetz is leading the celebration of a new college and library building the it will have the largest branch of the public library and a community center for the college in baltimore county. the ground breaking this morning is at 11:30. a team cracked down a code in a deadly outbreak. researchers from the university of maryland school of institute say the sciences unraveled the code with e.coli that killed 63 people and sickened a thousand in europe. the paper describes how -- describes how researchers worked together and the findings will help them learn more. a big step towards renewable energy in our state. 250 acres of state prison land in western maryland will be used with the state's biggest solar energy farm. the 20 mega watt solar farm will be used to create 125 jobs
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and double the amount of solar energy in the state of maryland. news time 5:46. ready for football? hopefully our baltimore ravens are. training camp starts this afternoon at one. now if you want to check out the team, you have to get your chance next month. you can do it at m and t bank stadium on saturday august #th. ravens will let -- 6th. the the ravens will let you get a close look in practice. gates open at 9 a.m. with practice starting around 10. now the best part is it's free. this year's training camp in westminster was canceled due to the lockout. practices are held in owings mills and those are closed to the public. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherra -- by weatherate. >> not record territory yet. on this 28th of july, typically 66 in the morning and 87 in the afternoon. a near normal day yesterday although we did get up to 90.
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the record today not going to be reached many but we look back towards century mark and it was 1941 where we hit 103 here in the baltimore area. and thankfully that, will not be challenged for today. sun up at 6:03 and down at 8:23. and as we check out the great lakes satellite radar composit, look at the flare-up of storms. looks like a little conveyor belt coming out of eastern iowa pushing near chicago and the southern great lakes. and those storms flowing their way off toward the east. but the flare-up of clouds is trying to head in our direction while most of the rain stays up across pennsylvania and to the north. but, it will be close enough to keep at least an interest and a watchful eye today. that will determine how hot we get. we are expecting temperatures to ramp up a little bit. but, we may pull back just because of added cloud cover and our future radar indicating we will have more clouds today that. will thicken up as we head towards the afternoon. and the evening hours could spark late day showers and storms. most action will stay to the north and towards northwest.
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we will watch some of the energy could flare up showers early tomorrow morning especially around the delmarva. maybe northeastern maryland. sel we will look at on -- something we will look at on friday morning. we open up the surge of warm air out of the southwest and with more humidity, we could bring in more showers and thunderstorms on friday afternoon and evening. we will stick with the sticky stuff over the weekend. that means highs mid-90s and heat index values near or above 100. here we are for today, we start going up a little bit and we will hold to 92, the two degree guarantee. all depending on the increase in cloud cover and we will see more of that this afternoon with a chance of some thunderstorms developing. and tonight, mostly dry, just muggy and buggy. after midnight towards daybreak, we could see another flare-up of showers, no big deal. we are back to 74. our extended forecast, talking about that heat, storm 98 will do it. the two degree guaranteed high will bring in the heat index values of 105 to 110.
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not as oppressive as last week but nothing we want to see again. 59 will do it over the weekend with the humidity and scattered afternoon storms. >> reporter: we are doing well traffic wise. no major incidents 97 northbound. let's look at the southwest side, traffic is knoll freely. the outer loop has more -- is flowing freely. the outer loop has more incidents. downtown west pratt between green and light streets, the two it lanes are closed. and light street at conway, a street chosure there for the grand prix prep. new details about the horrible attack on a fan outside dodger stadium. it happened in march. >> what his attorneys are saying for one manage wrongly accused in the deal. what they are asking the courts to do. and a popular game show host recovering after a run in with a hotel burglar. you are watching "good morning maryland " ." and thanks for
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six minutes away from six. five things to know before heading out the door. attorneys for a parolee wrongably accused in the beating of a san francisco dodger fan want out of jail. his attorney say a parole board wrongly conclueed he vie lightedparole when he was found in a home where the gun was found. warren jeffs opening statements are expect this
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morning. jeffs faces two counts of sexual assault to children following his 2008 arrest. he faces more than 120 years to life in prison if convicted. jeopardy host ruptured his achilles tendon while chasing a burglar out of his hotel room. lieu senda moreis is charged with burglary and receiving stolen property. he got his cell phone and wallet back minus the cash. many of those in the metropolitan areas are seeing a drop in the foreclosures. realty track says in the first half the year foreclosure rates dropped 84% compared to the numbers from a year ago. the irs is asking airlines to refund tacks for travelers who bought tickets before last weekend. those people may be owed a refund because congress let the airfare taxes expire. and instead of passing thesavings onto customers airlines raised the prices to replace the taxer. talks in washington about america's debt issues continue this morning. >> coming up, we will take a look at what this means to americans if this issue is not
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resolved by august 2nd. what sells bugging americans. top consumer complaints you will want to check out. tropia tropical storm heading towards texas. how they are preparing. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 in the morning.
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you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." a man is hit by a car and killed on the side of the road. i am linda so. why the family says there's much more to it than what police are telling them. the last thing a homeowner wants to hear, your water could be dangerous. but in a harford county community that, concern is very real this morning. furious, frustrated. >> i just want it done and over with. >> the debate debacle has a lot of you souping off making people nervous including wall
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street. what's happening is that august 2nd deadline nears, the stories ahead. it's thursday morning, thanks for joining. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's check the thursday forecast with meteorologist birk. >> good morning. -- berk. >> good morning. a big headline. the rain is stirring from the heat to the gulf of mexico. tropical storm don is into the gulf of mexico past the yucatan pis nine laand -- peninsula and has an opportunity to head up towards corpus christi, 40-mile- per-hour winds expected to go to 6 0 to 65 and make landfall after tomorrow night through saturday morning. that's good news for them because they have serious drought conditions in texas. so we will watch this thing for the the rest of the week -- for the rest of the week and into the weekend. we have rain in the great lakes. cleveland and detroit getting it. northwest p.a. is going to give us more clouds. threat of storms this afternoon as we go for 92 degrees. we will talk about our weekend in a moment. here tanya with traffic. >> reporter: mta is


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